Power Actuated Tool Manufacturers Institute

Choose a Powder Actuated Fastening System for fast, safe and cost effective construction fastening.

Powder actuated fastening offers the construction industry a specialized, cost-efficient method to bond materials for a variety of applications both in residential and commercial settings. Powder actuated fasteners are used to bond various construction materials together, such as wood to concrete, steel to concrete, metal to concrete and steel to steel.

Fasteners used in these material bonding applications are not common nails, but special heat treated steel fasteners. Because these unique fasteners are both strong and ductile, the fastenings are dependable for penetrating and holding in a variety of materials. Combining these special fasteners with the quick and uniquely powerful actuation from a powder charge provides a continuous and reliable bonding system.

Founded in 1952, the Powder Actuated Tool Manufacturers' Institute, Inc. (PATMI) is an association providing a common industry voice for manufacturers of powder actuated fastening tools and fastening system components (such as fasteners and loads/boosters). We are dedicated to advancing the use of “Powder” for its common applications, encouraging training and job site safety, participating in ANSI A10 standards on construction safety, promoting ethical industry practices and the sale of quality products.